Everybody without exception struggles in life at times.  There is not a person on this planet that can make it by themselves.  At times we may feel alone with our problems, unable to discuss them with our friends or family because they seem too busy and we don’t want to trouble them.  It’s normal to have problem, need help and to find things in life difficult.  Pretending that we don’t care can be worse.

Get Up 8 Foundation was formed by a small group of friends who believed in the importance of a strong, well-supported community.  Get Up 8 Foundation is putting into place fund development opportunities to help aid individuals, families and groups in our community who have fallen on hard times and need assistance to overcome their challenges.  This is a foundation about helping people bounce back from the struggles that life has thrown in their path.

Sometimes because of our own pressures and stress, we don’t have the time or the energy to concern ourselves with those around us.  The Get Up 8 Foundation is a movement to help people reach enlightenment on their ability to give back to their community.