In Loving Memory of Juan Vidal

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In effort to support the family of Juan Vidal, a dear friend and fellow team member, who recently lost his life in a tragic act of senseless violence we are starting an online crowd funding campaign to help his family with funeral costs and any other financial assistance they may need at this time.

Juan was a fun-loving guy with a huge heart who had future ambitions of soon getting married to his fiancé, whom he loved dearly, and pursuing a career as a pharmacist.  Friends that worked with Juan described him as an amazing guy who would always step up and put in his part for teammates and did what he had too to help everyone. Juan was the kind of guy that would make friends with many of the customers and took the time to talk all of them. He was always sincere and meant what he said and stood behind his word. Juan was their go to guy and someone they could truly confide in and even during the occasional arguments at work they couldn’t stay mad at Juan for long because he would always lighten the mood with a funny joke or smart remark. One friend, who worked with Juan frequently, recalled how almost every night they would work together Juan would get a call from his loving mother and that she would always over hear him saying “yes mom, I will bring you three egg rolls.” She would also remember how every night she would hear the most adorable ringtone he had when his fiancé Juliana, who he deeply loved, would call that would say “Hey Snookems, miss me?”

Our goal is to help raise money to help support Juan’s family during this extremely difficult time. Every little bit of effort, time and money helps.  Please donate and spread the word and help us honor the memory of Juan Vidal. Together we can help shoulder some of the unimaginable agony that comes with losing someone so young.


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