Get Up 8 Foundation & We Strong – Snow Angels 2014

By Get Up 8 Foundation

Can you believe that the holiday season is already upon us?  In keeping up with our Snow Angel Tradition, the Get Up 8 Foundation has partnered with the We Strong Foundation (  What better way to share all of the love and joy of the holidays than helping and supporting the lives of children who fight day by day the challenges caused by sickness and disease.  The We Strong Foundation was founded in 2013 to inspire families and individuals by aiding those with severe to life threatening medical conditions.  We Strong has built a team of individuals who strive to provide happiness to those battling sickness for a lifetime.  In addition to providing care packages and encouragement to these children, they’ve created a network of ‘Warriors’ that help and support one another.

To learn more about the We Strong Foundation and see all of the children they’ve helped, view the following links:

Please browse through our Registry and find a Warrior  you would like to give joy to!

We look forward to working with We Strong, and hope to be able to provide happiness and strength to their warriors all year long.

– Get Up 8

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